ok this is not needed for the new upgrade so willing to swap it for corals or LR so make an offer

Description: Advanced control system
New Deisgn using four super suction cups can mount in the any type of tanks. No need worry some upper glass block the mount
Long Power circult cable (380cm) allow you locate in any places
Produces 3 different waves or whirlpools, automatically change, and adjustable timer control.

The small-medium-large waves change automatically in turn to recreate natural wave seen in wave effect
Duration of different waves is adjustable to product best condition for fish.
More slient than before! Using low voltage DC pump makes it safe for users
UK 3 pin plug

Wave information

Small: Power 6.5W / Qmax. 2000 l/h 530 gph / Adjustable Duration 10-20s

Medium: Power 12.5W / Qmax. 8000 l/h 2116 gph / Adjustable Duration 5-15s

Large: Power 25W / Qmax. 15000 l/h 3968 gph / Adjustable Duration 2-10s
just let me know what you willing to give me for this