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Thread: Loads of softie Frags £3-10 or swaps

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    Loads of softie Frags £3-10 or swaps

    Hey all,

    Got the following sps frags for sale. All £5-10 depending on size.

    Pulsing Xenia
    Red Sea Xenia
    Cabbage Leather
    Finger Leather
    Toadstall Leather
    Branching Gorgonian
    Kenya Tree

    Brown Star Polyps
    Green Star Polyps
    Fluorescent Green Star Polyps
    Whitespot Star polyps

    Green Striped Mushrooms
    Watermelon Mushrooms
    Blue Mushrooms
    Orange Mushrooms

    Big Green Button Polyps
    Yellow Polyps
    Neon Green Zoanthids
    Ice Berg Zoanthids
    Purple Fission Zoanthids
    Imperfects Zoanthids
    Radioactive Zoanthids
    Fireball Zoanthids
    Flaming Sun Zoanthids
    Red Zombie Zoanthids

    Loads more frags available. Check my site:

    Postage available for £15. £30min order.

    Or collection from Horsham/Dorking are in Surrey/Sussex


    Cheers, Alex

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    Re: Loads of softie Frags £3-10 or swaps

    Sorry, 2nd line above was ment to say 'soft' frags, not 'sps' frags lol

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