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Thread: Bush Coral

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    Bush Coral

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a free or for swaps a bush coral.

    I have had him about 8 months and he has spread to several locations in my rockwork. Sadly due to the patter of tiny bush feet im running out of space for the original coral. I dont want to give it back to the lfs, call me daft but I worry it will be sold to someone who will possibly kill it, for an animal doing so well it would be such a shame.

    I would prefere collection from wigan, though I may do a meet if its not too far. Sorry but I have never shipped a coral before.

    If you have nothing to swap dont worry, I would rather it go to a good home than to give it to an lfs.


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    Bush Coral

    Hi Dave

    I would like to swap a gorg frag for a piece of the bush coral mate


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