Hi new here from Doncaster,
i have a vision 180 which I have had for about 6 years now , I am currently trying to nurse my tank back to health ,, 2weeks befor I went on holiday my heater decided to go nuts raising the temp up and down its norm by about 13 degrees , this killed of some of the corals ,
then I went on holiday for 2 weeks and left the tank in the hands of a neighbour ,, well my eheim wet and dry filler that runs sweet as a nut for 6 years with no problems decided to leak ,,
the neighbour thort he was doing good bye adding lots of or water ,
well the tank was half full and the salt was down to about 1.012 was amazed that all my fish where still alive , some more corals have gone .
its been about 3 weeks now and the last water checks are
sal 1.024
ph 8.2
kh 7 (up to about 9 now)
No 2 ,o
no 3 ,25
po4, .2
ca 440 .. Shot up to 800 now that I am putting mc in don't no why
Mc, 960,, to day up to 1230