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Thread: Hello from glasgow!

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    Hello from glasgow!

    Hi there,

    My name is Colin and Ive just joined coral swap.

    I have been keeping corals for years now and very recently fragged my first coral (metalic green star polyp!) i didnt know much about fragging, but think its a fantastic way to save the worlds reefs!

    Not really sure how the frag swap thing works? if anyone can explain id be greatful.

    hope to hear from like minded aquarists soon.

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    Re: Hello from glasgow!

    Welcome to the site Colin.

    Congratulations on successfully fragging your first coral. We will be doing some tutorials on the site soon to help our members frag there own corals.

    The way the frag swap works is a member lists there coral to swap and if you want it you then arrange with them.


    Brenda is offering mushroom frags for swap.

    Joe wants one of these, Joe then messages Brenda and arranges the swap for the green zoas that he has for swap.

    A shipping date is mutually agreed and then the frags are sent out!

    It works mainly on trust but so far we have never had an issue with any dishonest members!

    I hope that helps to answer your query.



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