Hello to everybody, im fairly new to the hobby although i have kept TFW tanks for ten years, been handed down a 77gallon juwell bow front with complete setup by my generous sister(well she was moving so worked out nicely both ways) and in turn im expanding my marine experience. She use to keep seahorses (hippo campus) so the tank did not have any corals what so ever when i got it, but as i have stocked it with fish now i am beginning to add frags and learn more on invertabrae. I currently have GSP dark green and light,blue and green striped mushrooms,various little groups of zoas, Large green button polyps, a toad stall leather and a medium finger sponge, all were added as frags 2.5 months ago and have doubled in size since, its not all good though, found what i think to be a Majano in my sump last week! My next step is to get some sort of anemone which will be compatible with my ocellaris clown as at the moment hes adopted a clump of seaweed which hes quite territorial over! If anybody has anemone for sale please let me no and also if anybody has any suitable/compatible frags with ones listed above i would like to hear from you also, thanks for reading, Dan.