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Thread: Hello from Leicester!

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    Hello from Leicester!

    Hi all!
    New here!

    I have to say that Zoanthids and Palys
    really blow my mind! Dont get me
    wrong, I love sea squirts, sponges,
    crinoids, basket stars, nassas and sto-
    matellas, hermits, shrimps.... I love
    all of it and the fact that nearly every
    day I look in my tanks I see something
    I have never seen before!.. but nothing
    takes me apart like looking through
    my magnifying glass at my Zoas and
    Palys popping under blue leds!!!!
    Absolutely amazing!!!!

    Well, my frags are growing. They won't
    be around for a few months but I should
    have a small selection of really nice
    zoas and a few different softys to swap!
    I'll give a heads up when there getting
    I'm in Leicester so give me a shout if
    your nearby!
    It's cool to be here and hope to swap
    some cool frags!
    See you on the forums!
    Lostpolyp =)

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    Re: Hello from Leicester!

    Hi Lostpolyp. Welcome to coralswap. You are fairly local to both of us then (Site Owners). What part of leicester are you from? We hope that you enjoy your stay and its nice to see yet another new face to the forums. Enjoy!

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    Re: Hello from Leicester!

    Hi Lostpolyp,
    Thought I’d drop you i line to say hi i too I’m from the Leicester area will Loughborough to be more precise and I’m very keen to get as many Leicestershire fish maniacs swapping ASAP .
    I haven’t been going to long with my latest tank but do have some bits for swap (see previous post)
    Anyway good to see you here and hopefully swapping soon.

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