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Thread: South-East over HERE!!!

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    South-East over HERE!!!

    Hey all

    Well i've been into marine for about 2 years now. My first marine tank was a little 180L bowfront, but I soon had to upgrade due to the addiction of the hobby lol. I now have 5 x 2 x 2ft 700L marine tank dedicated to mostly soft corals. Some info on my marine tank:

    2 x Percula Clownfish
    1 x Radiant Wrasse
    1 x Six-line Wrasse
    1 x Red Firefish
    1 x Midas Blenny
    1 x Foxface

    Pulsing Xenia
    Red Sea Xenia
    Cabbage Leather
    Finger Leather
    Brown Gorgonian
    Brown Star Polyps
    Green Star Polyps
    Flouresent Green Star Polyps
    Green Button Polyps
    Blue Shrooms
    Rhodactis Shrooms
    Discosoma Shrooms
    Green Shrooms
    Brown Shrooms
    Dragon Eye Zoanthids
    Neon Green Zoanthids
    Ice Berg Zoanthids
    Pink Sparkle Zoanthids
    Organ Pipe Coral
    Orange Hard Coral
    GreenSpot Hard Coral

    Sump (3"x1"x18in)
    (sump - 35G/130L)
    Sump Light (11w)
    Arcadia Unit 2xW/2xB (54w each)
    Compact T5 Lights 2xW/1xB (55w each)
    2 x LED Moon Lights
    Tunze Stream 6085 (8000 l/h)
    Tunze Stream 6025 (4500 l/h)
    Koralia Hydor 3 (3200 l/h)
    Koralia Hydor 3 (3200 l/h)
    Eheim Compact Return Pump (3000l/hr)
    1 x 300w Heater
    Deltec AP600 Skimmer
    Deltec FR1020 Phosphate Reactor
    Vecton V2 600 UV Steriliser
    60kg Live Rock
    20kg Live Sand
    50G/pd RO Unit

    On a side note...I have kept/bred tropicals for about 11 years now and in the past from the age of about 12-18 I bred royal pythons and the rarer cornsnake morphs. Sadly due to huge amounts of college work I had to end this. So now its just the 1 marine tank and the 1 tropical tank.

    ALSO...does any1 leave in th SOUTH EAST I live in Surrey/Sussex and it would be great to know a few more localish marine keepers...

    Cheers, Alex

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    Re: South-East over HERE!!!

    Hi and welcome to the forum!!

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