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    Members Tank Index

    Some of you will already know how this works, but for those unfamiliar.. if you want an index entry to your tank thread to appear here then you need to add a reply to the thread or pm a moderator with the appropriate information so we can put this into the listings.....
    • A link to your tank thread.
      Details of your tank.. make/model (if appropriate), dimensions (inches or cm) and volume (litres, not gallons).

    The Index

    Pico tanks (up to 10 litres, allowing up to an additional 10 litres for a sump if fitted)

    Nano tanks (all-in-one tanks, up to 130 litres, e.g. RSM-130, Orca, NanoCube)
    • Cranners aka NMK( Red Sea Max 130 -24x19x19 plus filtration chambers, 130 litres, extra power head - Vortech Gen 2 - aka whirlwind, live substrate, cryptic live rubble zone, skimmer 24/7, ultralith stones plus dosing vodka 0.7ml per day plus ultra bio. Mixed Soft & Stony coral reef - stocked with 5 fish - age 18months+ Live rock filtration - 14kg of live rock

    Nano tanks (stock, custom and sumped tanks, up to 130 litres on the main display)
    • Alastair (30"x10"x16", 18"x10"x10", 18"x10"x10", 76 litres + 28 litres + 26 litres = 130 litres)
    Medium tanks up to 350 litres

    Large tanks up to 750 litres
    [list]Frosttelecoms 4'x 2

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    Members Tank Index


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    Members Tank Index

    plus : Orca TL-450, 58 litres
    plus : Frag Tank 6x18x18

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    Members Tank Index

    2Ft cube with sump custom built. Vol = ~220L

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