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Thread: North Notts - South Yorks Reefer

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    North Notts - South Yorks Reefer

    Hi guys,

    I just found this wonderful place and am excited to join this community.

    I've been a marine fish keeper for about 10years, but have just had a major refit and have decided to go reef this time round.

    I'm 8 weeks into the new tank

    4ft 55gal
    5gal sump (small)
    Deltec mte 600 skimmer on sump/refuge
    1 tunze 6000 stream + 1 6055 nanostream
    2x 250w MH pendants.
    running activated carbon and phosphate scrubber in hang on power filter for now - no other filtration
    30Kg Fiji cured premium LR,
    30Kg Aragonite sand bed 3-4" deep seeded with 2 bags live sand.

    3 turbo snails
    1 cleaner shrimp
    3 red legged hermits
    1 bubble anemone

    1 small green mushie is all I have in there at the moment, but I.m sure you guys will be the source of some of the new inhabitants.

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    North Notts - South Yorks Reefer

    Welcome to the site. Sounds like a nice set up.

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    North Notts - South Yorks Reefer

    hello mate and welcome to the site, looking forward to seeing you tank grow, make sure you start a diary on a forum and add it to your signiture so we can all see it

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    North Notts - South Yorks Reefer

    Hello and welcome to the site

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    North Notts - South Yorks Reefer

    Hi, welcome to the site!!

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