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    Maybe I should have said 7pm till 11pm straight line. Sorry for the confusion.
    However to be honest you can slice off any piece any shape and it will grow. Never lost one yet and I have fragged loads of them. I just cut the fragged chunk into little 1-2cm square and super glue to rock.

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    rotherham, south yorkshire.


    Ok thanks guys i'll give it a go.

    I'll let you Know how i get on.


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    Welcome to the site Kev!! A zoa garden (different variations of zoas) is a great think to do, its fun and rewarding, when the different colours of zoas start to grow and mix together they do something called colour morphing, bascially the colour from on polyp and the colour from another mix together and make one, it looks great, i ended up with green and blue centres, the great think was that the zoas were swapped and were from different tanks across the country, 2 frags came from scotland and another frag came from Hampshire (courtesy of Cranners aka NMK) and in the end it was a great combination!!

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