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Thread: Hello from Scotland

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    Hello from Scotland

    [i]Hi there all. New member and am impressed that you are trying to do your bit for the environment. I have a small reef set up with 2 x clowns which I have had a s a pair for 6 years. I am going to put some corals in(soft) and am looking for info on how you all frag these corals? Also if anyone could send me some Zenia or mushrooms to get me started I will be happy to pay for them. I know how to frag mushrooms but not polyps etc any help would be good


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    Hello from Scotland

    Hello and welcome!!

    Great that you have kept your clowns for so long!! - Well done

    Fragging could not be easier, its like taking cuttings from plants only its with corals!! Just simply cut the xenia and tie it onto a rock with an elastic band or simply let it float around and eventually it will attach itself!!

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