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Thread: fraggng pussy coral

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    fraggng pussy coral

    hi my pussy coral is getting a bit big for my 26 inch cube and ive tried a few different ways of sticking the frags to rock ive tryed sawing the frag to rock and it just comes off and ive tryed glue but only cheap super glue gel can some one tell me this will defo work if i use loctite super glue gel or another method of success with fragging pussy coral cheers sean

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    Re: fraggng pussy coral

    Hi, have your tried putting a cocktail stick or skewer through the bottom of the coral and then sow it onto the rock using fishing line or cotton that way? I have never fragged these myself but this seems to be the most popular method to do it as they do slime quite a bit once cut!

    Alternatively dab the bottom with some kitchen towel first (not toilet paper as this leaves bits behind) so it's dry and then try using the glue! I use locite super glue, however we have now sourced our own glue which is extra strength gel and we are currently trialling this. It will soon be available in our shop for a very competitive price!

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