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Thread: frag tank set up advice

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    Re: frag tank set up advice

    Yes, T8s will be fine. Also remember the water is very shallow. I dont plan to keep the halide over the tank, its just there until I sort out my low energy light bulb plan. If that does not work I will go to T8s.

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    Re: frag tank set up advice

    Does anyone run a small frag tank set up.I've got a 18 x 12 tank that i want to use for softie/zoa frags..

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    Re: frag tank set up advice

    Hi John

    I had a pico tank which I was using as a very small frag tank with zoas and other softies. I am planning a 2ft square tank which will be 12inches high for fragging and growing SPS.....

    I currently have zoa frags in my sump so as long as you have light and water then anything would do for zoas


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