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Thread: how do you frag candy cane

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    how do you frag candy cane

    hi all where is the best place to cut as you can see i have a few heads

    i have taken pic of all sides

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    how do you frag candy cane

    I would cut it with bone cutters where the branch joins the main trunk of the coral.

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    how do you frag candy cane

    You don't need bone cutters for candycanes.. the skeletons are quite fragile, if you're careful you can snap them at a branch with your fingers.. but only snap well behind living tissue.

    Make the brake as low down the coral as possible.. that way you can refine the shape of the frag once you get a clearer view of the branching structure.

    I'd say that the colony you've got there looks a good shape already with good dense heads.. I'd be reluctant to frag off more than a couple of small branches from the edges.<^EDIT^>
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    how do you frag candy cane

    I also have this hand saw that i use to cut my LPS and cut under my zoa...
    it has diamonds or something inbeded into it.
    then i use milliput to attach a bit of ridged airline tubing to the bottom of the LPS. if i don't have enough holes in my LR already, i make some more with a masonry drill bit. (check out the one on pegging coral-mounting)

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