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Thread: sump ready to rock and roll!

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    sump ready to rock and roll!

    I have just built my new sump from an old sump which Julouggy from RUK gave me from his system when he upgraded.

    I have taken out the baffles and I have re positioned them to enable me to run a mud system with algae -

    Diagram to follow with photos asap

    I have big plans for this simple filter system - yep no skimmer, no Ca reactor, just algae mud, bioballs and balling


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    sump ready to rock and roll!

    I wouldn't be without a skimmer.Be interesting to see if you can keep nitrates at micro levels without one.
    Not really into calcium reactors or anything much really.Personally i like to keep things simple and run a 4ft reef with just liverock and skimming with a small weekly water change.Did get tempted once to buy an ozoniser but soon found these and skimmers are incompatible so sold it.

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    sump ready to rock and roll!

    Hi Steve

    I am starting to fill my tank by using the ocean runner return I think I have put about 50 to 60 litres of RO into the sump so far - I am using this to check th epiping for any leaks and I am also checking for the leak in the drain - so far so good

    I think by the end of the night or at least by tomorrow I will have the thing filled


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