• Fragging Toadstools

    As with everything there are probably a hundred ways to frag a mushroom but I am showing my preferred method.

    Equipment needed:
    Sharp scissors or blade.
    Board to cut on
    Paper towel
    Tub of tank water.
    Super glue gel
    Rock to attach to.

    Firstly the toadstool will need removing from where it is growing. If this can be completed outside of the tank all the better. I had already disturbed my toadstool so you will notice it is slightly receded in the picture.

    Using one clean cut snip through the ‘stalk’ as close to the head as possible.

    If you managed to remove the whole toadstool from the water rinse the stalk in the tank water then replace. This will soon start growing again into a new mushroom.

    With the head of the toadstool it is simply a case of snipping it into as many pieces as desired. In the photos I have cut them into 2 cm squares. The great thing with these is that there is no escaping liquid – it is just like cutting a mushroom that you eat.
    Place each piece into your bowl of tank water until you have finished.

    Now remove them and dry lightly with some kitchen roll

    Add a small drop of super glue and stick onto your mounting rock. Dip the frag quickly in the tank water then allow it a few minutes to start setting before placing it back in the tub of tank water.

    Once you have finished glueing all the frags they can now be placed in your tank in a low flow area.
    Amazingly within around an hour you will see the tentacles begin to raise again.

    The square pieces will start to grow round then the frags will grow in height.
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