• Fragging mushrooms

    I thought I would take a few pictures this morning to show how I frag mushrooms as a few people have asked me recently or said they are too nervous. Remember there are lots of ways to do it, this is just one way.

    To start with I try to have the following to hand:
    a sturdy board that I can cut on - this is the board I use all the time, hence the superglue marks)
    a pair of sharp scissors
    a blade of some description eg craft knife of stanley blade
    kitchen roll
    a pot of tank water
    a shallow container that you can place in the botton of your tank with small pieces of rock rubble in the bottom.
    a pair of tweezers

    I then remove the rock from the tank (if possible) and allow the water to drain. Identify the mushroom that you need to remove and hang the rock with the mushroom facing down. My picture was too blurred of this stage so I have attached another one to let you know what I mean.

    Now with either a swift cut with the scissors or blade remove the mushroom allowing it to fall into the tank water.

    Place the original rock back into the water and within a couple of weeks a new mushroom will be developing in the same place.

    Once you have removed all you wish to, take one out of the bowl of water (this is where the tweezers will come in handy) and place on the cutting board.

    Now with your blade make a clean cut through the centre trying to ensure a piece of the mouth is included in each part.

    You can continue to cut like a pizza but to start with I think it is better to just work with 2 halfs.
    I tend to give these a quick swish in the pot of tank water to clean them then pop them in the pot in the bottom of the tank in a low flow area..

    It is often worth popping a piece of net over the pot and secure with an elastic band - this will ensure that the mushrooms do not disappear in your flow.

    After a couple of weeks the mushrooms will start to attach to the rock pieces but I find to ensure they are nice and strong - try to leave them for 4 weeks before removing from the pot and placing them in your tank.
    After this time they will soon grow into full size mushrooms.

    There are plenty of other ways to attach the mushrooms but the method described is the one I have found easiest after trying them all!

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