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by , 08-01-2012 at 23:23 (2497 Views)

A website that's dedicated to helping preserve the worlds reefs by fragging corals and swapping them.

Coral Swap is a reef-keeping site run by hobbyists for hobbyists, we promote and encourage reef-keepers to propagate (or frag) their own corals, and to look for hobbyist raised corals when stocking their tanks.Reefs are important ecosystems that benefit local and global communities. We all feel it is important to protect them, and to that end we try and minimise the impact our hobby has on the environment.

Members of this site swap or trade corals they have raised themselves. The selection of corals available is increasing all the time, and includes soft corals, LPS and SPS.

We also maintain articles on how to frag various corals and encourage discussion of matters relating to coral propagation.

We are now in the process of also setting up a shop to sell some of our coral frags. We will still be swapping & trading as this is our ethos. We shall also be open to the idea of trading our stock for other corals. We will be mainly selling softies to begin with, however in the near future we may add SPS & LPS.

All of our stock that we will be selling will be personally aquacultured by us and our main aim is to be able to supply hobbyists with captive bred stock rather than taken from the wild. We feel that this would be a great addition to helping us and fellow hobbyists alike to achieve less destruction to the worlds reefs. They will all be reasonably priced and we are also open to special requests.

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