Please follow the instructions below to acclimatise your new purchase.

There are many reasons why you can't just put your new purchase straight into your tank. Some of them are:-

1. Variations In Water Temperature

2. Variations In Salinity

3. Nitrate, Nitrite, Phospahte & Ammonia levels May Be Very Different.

4. Many Other Water Paremeters May Be Very Different.

By following these simple guidelines you can give your new purchase the best chance of surviving and thriving in your tank.

We need to achieve equilisation in the water between your tank and the water it is currently in.

Float Your Purchase:-

Firstly you should float your purchase in its bag on the surface of the water, this will help to bring the water temperature in the bag to the same as the temperature in the tank. The temperature will rise slowly causing a minimal amount of stress.

This will also help to adjust and stabilise the salinity in the water in the bag also helping to aclimatise your purchase. The colder the water the longer it will need to be floated on the top of your tank to help increase the water temperature. As a guideline you should be floating each bag for around 30 - 60 minutes, you may need to float the bag longer if the water is very cold.

Equalising The Water:-

This process is much easier than you might think. And can be made easier with the purchase of our acclimatisation kit.

Firstly you should empty the contents of the bag into a container that will allow enough water to cover it. You can then take a piece of airline and place a regulating tap / clamp half way down, so you can regulate the flow. This allows you to add tank water at a controlled dose. You should aim to have 2-3 drops a second. You then need to start a siphon. If you have purchased a kit from us then this is what the syringe is needed for.

Once you have started a siphon place the end of the airline into the container with your purchase and allow it to steadily drip.

Remember to keep an eye on the water level as we do not want it to overflow.

As a guideline you should try and acclimatise your new purchase for around 2 hours. The longer you can leave it the better. It always pays to take your time and slowly ease your purchase into your tank.